Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation with Rehametrics is the best professional stimulation tool, with more than 160 exercises to design personalized treatment plans for patients.

Main Conditions Treated

Exercises adapted to the capabilities of each patient from a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Main Conditions Treated

Exercises adapted to the capabilities of each patient from a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Main Benefits

Rehametrics allows the prescription of cognitive rehabilitation sessions that use gamification techniques. As a result, it improves rehabilitation outcomes and increases patient engagement during sessions.

Rehabilitation Accross Care Settings

Management and monitoring of rehabilitation sessions remotely or in clinical settings. Patients can perform prescribed sessions regardless of their location.

Treatment Personalization

The cognitive rehabilitation exercises available in Rehametrics contain numerous personalization options that enable clinicians to individually tailor sessions to the abilities of each patient.

Patient Motivation

The system uses gamification to achieve better outcomes in cognitive rehabilitation treatments. It generates a positive impact on patient engagement thanks to the use of techniques from the video game industry in its exercises.

Quantified Analysis

The system records, classifies and analyzes the interactions performed by patients. It calculates the correct and incorrect answers, measures the response time and analyzes patient performance, providing detailed results to healthcare professionals through automatically generated clinical reports.

Main Benefits

Cognitive Rehabilitation Exercises

The system uses virtual reality and gamification techniques to create more engaging exercises for patients. In this way, we increase the likelihood that patients will complete their treatment plan and achieve better rehabilitation outcomes.

Levels of Difficulty
Personalization Options
Working Memory

Clinical Goals

The features available in Rehametrics enable the improvement of cognitive rehabilitation treatment outcomes in different areas:

Our software, compared to other cognitive stimulation applications, is a CE-certified medical device. It has been specifically designed and validated for rehabilitation purposes.

Furthermore, more than 27 scientific publications validate Rehametrics as a very useful tool for therapy.

With Rehametrics, in addition to the wide variety of fully customizable cognitive exercises, you can obtain detailed reports on the performance of each patient.

Thanks to the automatic recording that the software performs, it is possible to analyze correct and incorrect answers, the context in which they occurred, response times, evolution graphs, hours of treatment performed, etc....

To use the Rehametrics cognitive rehabilitation software you can use devices already available in your rehabilitation center. All you need is a computer or tablet.

No, patients cannot hire Rehametrics directly. The software is a clinical solution, designed for professional use.

However, with the guidance and session planning of a healthcare professional, it is possible for patients to complete prescribed exercises at home.

If you are a patient or family member, tell your therapist about Rehametrics and if they are interested, we can directly plan an information or trial session with them.

We customize the software according to the needs of the rehabilitation center or the healthcare professional and thus, the price varies according to the hired services. For example, you can install cognitive rehabilitation for use in clinical settings or also for home use, you can choose to include or not the reports and the possibility of weekly planning, etc.

We recommend that you contact our team of consultants to study the option that best suits your situation, filling out this request for information.

In any case, we can tell you that we have affordable rates for all profiles (from the autonomous professional, to a larger rehabilitation center).

We are aware that therapy must be engaging and thus, we continuously update and revise the software, including new exercises and improving existing ones.

The cognitive platform now includes 160 exercises and new ones are added every few months. All these updates are also included in the price paid when hiring our solution.  

Yes, the use of the software is very simple and intuitive.

It is possible to customize the exercises using difficulty levels that are very accessible for all patients.

According to patient performance, the software will automatically adjust exercise difficulty. In addition, therapists can make adjustments before and also during the session, modifying the difficulty and duration of the exercises if deemed appropriate. 

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