Physical Rehabilitation

Rehametrics has more than 85 virtual reality-based physical exercises designed to restore the maximum level of functionality of each patient.

Main Conditions Treated

Exercises that adapt to the needs of each patient.

Main Conditions Treated

Exercises that adapt to the needs of each patient.

Main Benefits

Rehametrics stores, measures and quantifies patient evolution data. In addition, it allows healthcare professionals to keep a detailed track of the recovery process by automatically generating advanced clinical reports.

Rehabilitation Accross Care Settings

The system is designed to deliver rehabilitation services in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, outpatient centers or directly at the patient's home.

Personalized Treatment Plans

The exercises have several personalization options that enable clinicians to design personalized treatment plans based on patient capabilities and clinical goals.

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Exercises are designed to increase patient engagement during the recovery process. Rehabilitation sessions with Rehametrics have a lower dropout rate and deliver better clinical outcomes.

Quantification and Analysis of Patient Evolution

Rehametrics quantifies completed sessions and provides detailed information on the performance of each patient during their rehabilitation process. It collects data from each session and provides clinical information in a clear and detailed way.

Main Benefits

Physical Rehabilitation Exercises

Rehabilitation exercises based on virtual reality that capture and analyze the patient body movement in real time and quantify the sessions, improving rehabilitation outcomes.

Levels of Difficulty
Personalization Options
Trunk Control
Unipodal Balance
Lower Extremity Endurance

Clinical Goals

The system analyzes clinical parameters such as the base of support, the location of the center of gravity at rest, displacements, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee range of motion, and even step height and width as well as other kinematic parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rehametrics is a medical device, a rehabilitation software specifically designed with a therapeutic purpose.

Video games only allow basic settings; with Rehametrics you can fully customize exercise parameters and regulate their difficulty.

Without the use of controllers, Rehametrics tracks the whole body.

It allows the measurement and quantifies patient evolution: it records joint range of motion, base of support, center of gravity displacement, gait analysis...

The software enables remote control of exercises, prescription and follow-up at home.

Rehametrics offers automatic reports ready to print, allowing for the quantification of patient evolution.

To use the Rehametrics physical rehabilitation software you can use devices already available in your rehabilitation center. You will need a television set and a computer.

To take a look at the detailed technical requirements, you can download more information HERE.

If you are a patient with enough autonomy and the ability to comprehend simple instructions, you could complete prescribed sessions without any assistance from a healthcare professional.

This is possible because the Rehametrics software will constantly guide patients, providing the instructions required to complete each exercise and feedback during the session.

The Kinect sensor detects only one person at a time, but it is possible to design group sessions, prescribing a variety of exercises for a group of patients.

Participants can take turns in front of the sensor, and as a result, more than one patient can participate in a physical rehabilitation session.

No, patients cannot hire Rehametrics directly. The software is a medical device, designed to be used by healthcare professionals.

However, with session prescription and planning done by a clinician, it is possible for patients to complete prescribed exercises at home using a simple webcam.

If you are a patient or family member, let your rehabilitation team know about Rehametrics and we can send them more detailed information on our software.

Our software can be personalized according to the needs of each rehabilitation center or healthcare profesional and the price will vary depending on what is hired. For example, physical rehabilitation can be completed using a Kinect sensor or a webcam, automatic detailed reports can be hired or not, and weekly treatment plans can be enabled or disabled, among other things.

Please contact us and someone from our team will get in touch with you to see what options are best suited to your needs. You can fill out this form to get in touch with us.

In any case, we have several affordable options available for all types of rehabilitation centers (from those for a single healthcare professional to others for large rehabilitation hospitals).

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