New version: Rehametrics 2020 - Second Release

Good news: we are launching a new Rehametrics update with more new features! Among the most important ones are:

New ways to interact with the cognitive exercises. We add the possibility of prescribing cognitive exercises that can be completed by the patient using a computer mouse. In this way, all cognitive exercises now support the use of both a computer mouse and a touch screen interface. However, clinicians won’t have to select an interaction device (use of a computer mouse or a touch screen) when prescribing with Rehametrics.

Hei Verden! We add support for Norwegian for all existing exercises -physical and cognitive- in both Rehametrics Clinic and Rehametrics Home. 

More cognitive exercises for Windows OS. This new release adds the possibility of using the more than 100 cognitive exercises that were previously only available for Android in devices that run the Windows Operating System. The supported versions are: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

…and many more features. If you are interested in receiving more information on this new release or requesting a trial of Rehametrics, you can fill our information request form or send us an email to

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