Rehametrics 2020 is now available!

Rehametrics 2020 is now available with more exercises, new clinical reports and much, much more…

Rehametrics 2020, the latest version of our virtual rehabilitation software, is now available. This latest version of our software brings many improvements including 55 completely new physical and cognitive exercises, a new physical evolution report and many more features.

Among the main improvements included in this version are:

We included 20 new physical rehabilitation exercises, mainly focused on the following clinical objectives:
  • trunk control
  • dynamic balance
  • static balance
  • shoulder range of motion
  • upper extremity endurance

After adding these exercises, Rehametrics now has a total of more than 70 physical rehabilitation exercises!

We added 35 new cognitive rehabilitation exercises, mainly focused on the following clinical objectives:

  • divided attention
  • phonological conciousness
  • short-term memory
  • spatial memory
  • visual memory
  • verbal memory
  • working memory
  • temporal orientation
  • sequencing

With these new exercises, we now have a total of more than 110 cognitive rehabilitation exercises!

cognitive rehabilitation exercises

We also added a new physical evolution report that details the progress patients experience over time. Este informe añade la evolución en los siguientes parámetros a los ya existentes:

  • trunk control
  • seated to standing transfer
  • standing to seated transfer
  • area parameters in static balance
  • step duration
  • number of steps
  • compensations
Furthermore, we also added normative values for those sections of the physical evolution report that has those values.


In this way, the latest version of Rehametrics now has over 180 physical and cognitive exercises, all of them with multiple personalization and configuration options, which enable clinicians to create completely personalized treatment plans that target the clinical objectives of their patients. Similarly, Rehametrics now includes 5 different clinical reports, which can be personalized and cover the main requirements of healthcare organizations.

As a result of all this, Rehametrics still is the most complete virtual rehabilitation platform in the market. And, also, we are already working on the next version of Rehametrics. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming features.

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