What benefits does rehabilitation software give to clinicians?

The Rehametrics digital rehabilitation software was designed to improve the outcomes obtained from rehabilitation and to facilitate the daily work of rehabilitation professionals. In this way, our digital rehabilitation software system offers the following benefits:

Increases motivation and engagement during the session.

Motivation is a determining factor in achieving good clinical outcomes in therapy. In contrast, low motivation is one of the main causes for not benefiting from treatment. There are numerous studies that have demonstrated the importance of motivation, however, clinicians and family members recognize that lack of motivation is one of the most debilitating symptoms they have to deal with in the rehabilitation process.

This is why we need to increase the repetition and intensity of a given exercise, whether physical or cognitive, to achieve improved function. The Rehametrics digital rehabilitation software will help us to increase patient motivation and, in this way, achieve greater engagement during the session and improve adherence to treatment. .

We do this by making rehabilitation more attractive, adjusting the difficulty of the exercises optimally, monitoring patient' progress objectively and offering positive reinforcement during the sessions.

Automatic and objective monitoring of patient progress.

We do not always have the time to take as many measurements as we would like. In addition, the recording of assessments and measurements is laborious. However, we need to obtain an objective view of rehabilitation, quantify the results obtained and record all these data in order to be able to analyze patient evolution. New technologies can help us to perform these tasks more easily.

Rehametrics allows us to record and store all the activities performed by our patients, including objective measurements of their performance during rehabilitation sessions. Subsequently, professionals can consult the data collected and even extract them in the form of clinical reports that can be printed or exported in PDF format.

Thus, digital rehabilitation with Rehametrics helps to quantify rehabilitation because it automatically measures patient performance during the rehabilitation sessions prescribed by the therapist, records the completed sessions and allows customizing the clinical reports that will be created and exported using the data collected during the rehabilitation sessions. All this, in addition, can also facilitate clinical studies.

Increases the efficiency and profitability of rehabilitation services.

A rehabilitation service, whether public or private, needs to be as efficient as possible in order to serve the maximum number of patients, while always offering a quality treatment.

However, we are currently facing several challenges: waiting lists in the public health system that continue to grow, the constant increase in chronic conditions among the population and, of course, the lack of adherence to treatment by patients.

Rehametrics makes it possible to meet all these challenges without the need for expensive and hard-to-find devices. In this way, Rehametrics improves cost-effectiveness by increasing the number of sessions delivered with the same number of professionals, helping to reduce waiting lists. In addition, this innovative new therapy is also attractive to patients and serves as a differentiating factor compared to other rehabilitation centers.

Allows for the delivery of home rehabilitation services.

Rehametrics offers the possibility of prescribing fully personalized physical or cognitive rehabilitation sessions to patients remotely, directly to their homes, allowing for the continuity of treatments. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of devices already available in the patient's home such as cell phones, tablets, computers or webcams. By using Rehametrics Home, rehabilitation professionals can offer a measurable, more motivating and quality rehabilitation treatment but always monitored by the clinical team from any location that has Internet access.

In this way, telerehabilitation can be implemented. Patients will be able to perform the exercises prescribed by their clinical team from the comfort of their own home, with total time flexibility. This facilitates adherence and continuity of treatment.

Moreover, the Rehametrics digital rehabilitation software will automatically collect information during the sessions completed by patients at home in order to quantify them. This information will be available for healthcare professionals to have a detailed view of the patient performance and to make changes to treatment plans remotely as they see fit.
Funded by the Digital Kit Program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain «Next Generation EU»
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