From the 15 to the 19th of November, the 68th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Neurological Society (SEN) will take place in Valencia, Spain. The venue selected for the Annual Meeting is the Congress Centre of Valencia, where more than 3,000 experts from around the world will come together to present and analyze the latest developments in Neurology.


Rehametrics will be an active participant at this event, as we have been invited as speakers. On Saturday, November 19th, our Clinical Coordinator, Ms. Sonia Blasco, will a workshop titled “New techniques for neurological rehabilitation and assessment” which has been selected as the most valued by the members of the Spanish Neurological Society.


The workshop -which starts at 8:30 AM- will initially look at the scientific evidence behind neurological rehabilitation, analyzing when experts consider that a rehabilitation treatment should start, how long it should last and other fundamental aspects. Afterwards, the workshop will turn more practical and will look into the existing evidence for cognitive and physical rehabilitation treatments, including the Rehametrics virtual rehabilitation platform.


After a short break, Ms. Blasco will discuss new assessment and rehabilitation techniques by reviewing articles published in leading scientific journals and analysing the real effectivness of emerging treatments such as the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, brain mapping, or transcranial electrical stimulation.


The workshop will conclude with a detailed introduction to virtual rehabilitation and session quantification. In this part of the workshop, Ms. Blasco will present the Rehametrics virtual rehabilitation software platform, its 80 physical and cognitive exercises, its extended reporting capabilities and other features, in detail. Finally, the workshop will end with clinical case studies with the above mentioned techniques -including Rehametrics- that will enable participants to take closer look at these treatments in everyday practice.


The “New techniques for neurological rehabilitation and assessment” workshop is a great way for neurologists and other clinical specialists from across Spain to get a complete view of the latest advances in the field of neurorehabilitation. For a more detailed view of the Annual Meeting’s full program click here (our workshop is shown in page 234). We hope you enjoy your time in Valencia and to see you this weekend at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Neurological Society!


Picture: Spanish Neurological Society

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