Exercises Designed for Clinicians by Clinicians

Rehametrics has more than 40 exercises for language rehabilitation. These exercises focus in improving the ability to identify, ellaborate and understand numbers, letters, words, phrases and texts.

Language Rehabilitation Exercises

The main goal for the exercises available within Rehametrics that are focused on language rehabilitation is to train letter and syllable recognition, comprehension, expression, phonological consciousness and reading speed, among other clinical objectives. .

All of these cognitive exercises have multiple levels of difficulty and extensive personalization options that enable clinicians to adapt rehabilitation sessions to the specific needs of their patients.

Among the main personalization options available are the possibility to modify response time, the type of lettercase used and enabling (or disabling) the reading out loud the texts showed on screen, are just some of the personalization options available.

Provide an objective view of cognitive rehabilitation sessions

While patients complete the rehabilitation sessions prescribed by their clinicians, Rehametrics will quantify -automatically- each session to offer clinicians objetctive information on patient performance session after session. In this way, while patients complete the language rehabilitation exercises available in Rehametrics, our software will register the number of correct and incorrect answers and the average response time at each level of difficulty. But that is not all. Rehametrics also provides this data to clinicians displaying it within a clinical context. That is, indicating what type of stimuli appeared on screen and how similar they were to each other, when patients obtained a correct or incorrect answer in each of the completed sessions.

All of this clinical information will be useful for clinicians to obtain a more objective view of patient evolution during the rehabilitation process.

Main Benefits

Rehametrics, on top of having cognitive rehabilitation exercises specialized in stimulating language capabilities and promoting verbal expression and reading comprehension, our rehabilitation platform improves patient management and rehabilitation outcomes. It also:

Obtain better outcomes for the rehabilitation process

Quantify rehabilitation sessions

Simplifies patient management by clinicians

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