Rehametrics offers remote physical and cognitive rehabilitation sessions for care continuity, using the latest digital technologies for virtual care.
85% more rehabilitation sessions delivered to patients at home
90% of patients report being satisfied
More than 80% of clinical objectives are met

Telerehabilitation with Rehametrics

The Rehametrics remote Virtual Rehabilitation system enables the prescription -from a distance- of physical and cognitive rehabilitation sessions. Rehametrics provides clinicians with 250 exercises that contain more than 7000+ levels of difficulty and that can generate clinical reports which evaluate more than 100 different clinical parameters automatically.

Patients can complete the prescribed exercises at home with full flexibility, decreasing the possibility of treatment abandonment by patients. Any session data obtained will be collected by the system, and will then be stored and quantified using motion capture and performance evaluation for each exercise. Using the Telerehabilitation solution provided by Rehametrics, clinicians can control and monitor in detail patient evolution starting with the first session.

The objective of the remote Virtual Rehabilitation option is to bring rehabilitation closer to those individuals that live in remote locations while guaranteeing a quality and continuous treatment, allowing clinicians to manage, evaluate and monitor their patients remotely.

How does Rehametrics Work?

Rehametrics is easy to use. Our virtual rehabilitation platform enables clinicians to prescribe weekly rehabilitation sessions and receive detailed clinical reports on patient evolution. Getting started with Rehametrics requires having only an Internet connection and a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Clinician prescribes rehabilitation sessions

Exercises can be prescribed taking into account the clinical goals and capabilities of each patient.

Patients complete prescribed exercises

Rehabilitation sessions can be completed in clinical or home settings through an easy-to-use interface.

Clinicians modify prescribed sessions

Clinicians can change prescribed sessions according to patient evolution using the data automatically collected by Rehametrics.

Rehametrics generates clinical reports

Rehametrics quantifies completed sessions and generates detailed clinical reports for clinicians.

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