Rehabilitation Exercises to Recover Balance

Rehametrics has more than 20 exercises based on virtual reality and designed to recover static and dynamic balance and to improve stability.

Virtual Rehabilitation Exercises

The Rehametrics system comes with rehabilitation exercises designed to recover balance where patients will train lateral displacements and balance control according to the instructions provided on screen.

These rehabilitation exercises include tasks for static and dynamic balance, with multiple levels of difficulty and personalization options that enable clinicians to adapt sessions to the capabilities of each patient.

Each exercise has a clear clinical goal and the difficulty can be adjusted automatically, depending on patient performance, during the session. However, clinicians will always have the ability to decide how they want their patients to complete their prescribed sessions. As a result, they will be able to adjust exercise difficulty and duration, manually, at any time if they consider it necessary without having to interrupt the session.

Rehabilitation Session Quantification

While patients complete rehabilitation sessions prescribed by their clinicians, Rehametrics quantifies -automatically- each session to offer healthcare professionals objective information on patient performance session after session. In this way, while patients complete the balance exercises available in Rehametrics, our software will register the displacement of the center of gravity, its displacement speed, their limits of stability and the most frequently used base of support , among other parameters.

All of this clinical data can then be used by clinicians to obtain a more objective view of patient evolution during the rehabilitation process.

Main Benefits

Rehametrics is a clinically-validated virtual rehabilitation software with rehabilitation exercises, designed by experts, that can assist in the recovery of balance and in the improvement of patient functionality.

Generates detailed clinical reports

Rehabilitation tasks can be completed from any location

Sessions are quantified automatically, measuring patient evolution objectively.

Funded by the Digital Kit Program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain «Next Generation EU»
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