Rehabilitation Exercises to Improve Coordination

Recovering or improving coordination is possible with the assistance of a rehabilitation process which consists of several tasks specifically designed to train coordination and rhythm. Rehametrics has 12 physical rehabilitation exercises designed to improve coordination.

Virtual Rehabilitation Exercises

The physical rehabilitation exercises designed to train coordination have multiple levels of difficulty and a variety of personalization options. Using them, clinicians can personalize each exercise while taking into account the clinical goals of their patients.

Also, all of these tasks are gamified or act as real-world simulators that increase patient engagement and, in this way, will have a positive influence on patient performance, making them participate more actively during their rehabilitation sessions.

Main Benefits

Rehametrics is a professional software platform that enables a detailed monitorization of patient evolution over time while enabling the adaptation of rehabilitation sessions to the needs of each patient. Moreover it:

Quantifies each rehabilitation session

Enables telerehabilitation

Allows increasing the number of therapy hours delivered without increasing costs

Funded by the Digital Kit Program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain «Next Generation EU»
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