Cognitive Stimulation Exercises for Perception Disorders

Perception is the process through which the nervous system captures and processes variations in the environment and in the body itself. Rehametrics has 7 exercises, designed specifically to rehabilitate the visual perception of their patients, available to clinicians.

Digital Rehabilitation Exercises

There are multiple options available to rehabilitate any alterations that have occurred in perceptual abilities. Rehametrics has the best, clinically validated options in exercises designed to rehabilitate perceptual disorders.

These exercises have multiple levels of difficulty and numerous personalization options. Clinicians can personalize rehabilitation sessions for each patient taking into account their clinical goals.

Provide an objective view of cognitive rehabilitation sessions

While patients complete rehabilitation sessions prescribed by clinicians, Rehametrics will quantify -automatically- all sessions to provide the clinical team with objective information about patient performance during those sessions. Thus, while patients complete the rehabilitation exercises available in Rehametrics, our software will record the number of correct and incorrect answers and response times at each difficulty level. But that is not all. Rehametrics also offers this data to rehabilitation professionals by placing it in a clinical context. That is, indicating what type of stimuli appeared on screen and how similar they were to each other when patient answered correctly or made a mistake in each of the completed sessions.

All of this clinical information will provide healthcare professionals with a more objective view patient evolution during the rehabilitation process.

Main Benefits

Rehametrics is a professional clinical software that has multiple cognitive stimulation exercises designed to improve the outcomes obtained during the rehabilitation process. Using this software, it is possible to:

Increase Delivered Rehabilitation Session Without Increasing Costs

Perform a More Detailed Tracking of Patient Evolution

Remote Monitorization of Patient Rehabilitation

Funded by the Digital Kit Program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain «Next Generation EU»
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