Improve Executive Functions

Executive functions allow us to perform more complex tasks in our everyday life and adapt efficiently to our surrounding environment. Rehametrics has 38 cognitive stimulation exercises designed to train and improve the most relevant executive functions.

Software Exercises for the Rehabilitation of Executive Functions

Among the more than 35 cognitive rehabilitation exercises available in Rehametrics, designed to train various executive functions, many of them are designed to rehabilitate categorization, calculation, cognitive flexibility, spatial orientation, sequencing and perceptive integration, among others.

Furthermore, all of these exercises have multiple levels of difficulty and an extensive variety of personalization options which enable clinicians to adapt treatment plans in a personal and individualized manner for each patient.

Provide an objective view of cognitive rehabilitation sessions

While patients complete rehabilitation sessions prescribed by their clinicians, Rehametrics quantifies -automatically- each session to offer healthcare professionals objective information on their performance for each patient. In this way, while patients complete the executive function rehabilitation exercises available in Rehametrics, our software will register the number of correct and incorrect answers and average response times for each level of difficulty, among other parameters.

But this is not it. Rehametrics will also offer this data to clinicians, displaying them within a clinical context. That is, indicating what type of stimuli appeared on screen and how similar they were with each other when patients answered correctly or made mistakes in each completed session.

All of this clinical data can then be used by clinicians to obtain an objective view of patient evolution during the rehabilitation process.

Main Benefits

The main objective of all the rehabilitation exercises available in Rehametrics is to recover, train and improve affected cognitive functions. Our software rehabilitation platform enables better clinical outcomes during the recovery process and increases patient motivation. Similarly, it will:

Increase the number of therapy hours delivered to patients without increasing costs.

Automatically register patient performance data for each completed session.

Enable a detailed and personalized monitorization of patient treatment plans.

Funded by the Digital Kit Program. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain «Next Generation EU»
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