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When using Rehametrics at home, patients can decide when they want to complete the rehabilitation sessions prescribed by their clinical team. There is no need to comply with a fixed time or schedule. Rehametrics also allows patients to complete their daily sessions from the comfort of their own home or from anywhere where there is an Internet connection through therapeutic games.

Patients -and caregivers- can organize their time according to their priorities without sacrificing their rehabilitation. Rehametrics enables them to decide at what time they want to start the rehabilitation sessions previously prescribed by their therapists.


Rehametrics uses the patients’ own movements to interact with the system and to complete their exercises. It in not necessary for patients to use a keyboard, a mouse or a joystick to complete the therapetic games prescribed by their clinicians.

For physical rehabilitation, the Kinect for Xbox One sensor registers all of the patient’s movements -eliminating the need for patients to wear sensors or tracking devices – and uses this information to verify if the prescribed exercises are being completed correctly. For cognitive rehabilitation, patients can use a touchscreen to complete the exercises prescribed by their clinical team.


Rehametrics includes gamification techniques used by the videogame industry to increase patient motivation and engagement: each exercise has multiple levels of difficulty, attractive graphics and points are awarded when a task is correctly executed.

In this way, patients are more motivated and engaged with this therapeutic games, which results in better adherence to their prescribed treatment plans. The gamification of rehabilitation exercises and tasks also bring added benefits for patients. They do not see their rehabilitation as a burden but rather, as a more engaging and fun activity.

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