Rehametrics selected to participate at the 2016 European Venture Summit

Two weeks ago, Rehametrics participated at the international “Digital Health Venture Forum”, one of the leading technological events for digital health start-ups. During the event, 40 European start-ups presented their products to a jury of specialized investors. After being one of the companies selected (from the several hundred that applied) to participate at this event, Rehametrics is glad to announce that it was selected as one of the 10 most-promising companies at the Digital Health Venture Forum. All selected companies have been invited to participate in one of the largest and most important events, the 2016 European Venture Summit which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from December 5-6th, 2016.


Neuroathome at European Venture Summit 2016


Participating companies presented products that focused on fields like the gamification of rehabilitation, the use of Big Data to improve healthcare delivery, mobile applications to promote healthier lifestyles, improved diagnostics through medical images (virtual biopsies) or 3D printers for post-surgical purposes.


The Rehametrics virtual rehabilitation software platform has been developed to satisfy the needs of clinicians and patients because:


  • It is a tool for healthcare professionals that enables them to deliver physical and cognitive rehabilitation across care settings. Through the use of Rehametrics’s clinically-designed rehabilitation exercises, the virtual rehabilitation software platform monitors and asesses patients throughout the rehabilitation process. Furthermore, it automatically generates customizable clinical reports using the data collected during the rehabilitation sessions completed by patients.


  • It provides patients with an optimal rehabilitation treatment in a gamified treatment which can be completed wherever it is more convenient: in a healthcare center or at home.


The 2016 European Venture Summit supports the development of technological start-ups focused on healthcare and actively promotes a direct contact with major European investors. As a result, this event is a unique opportunity for the attending companies not only for the prestige of participating in the event -due to its international relevance- but it is also an excellent opportunity for companies to strengthen their international expansion with the support from specialized investors.


For more information about the 2016 European Venture Summit click here.


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