Advanced Clinical Monitoring for Virtual Care


Goal-Oriented Exercises

All the exercises included within Rehametrics are designed to rehabilitate a specific cognitive process or motor function.


The software will receive the exercises -and the personalization options- prescribed by the healthcare professional and will ensure that they are delivered to patients as programmed by their clinical team. Similarly, Rehametrics will also monitor patient performance and provide visual and auditive feedback to the patient during the rehabilitation session.


Clinicians benefit from being able to design and personalize comprehensive treatment plans to address both physical and cognitive goals across care settings.

Performance Measurement and Session Quantification

Rehametrics collects data on the number of succesful and unsuccesful attempts completed -according to the selected personalization options-, response times, difficulty used during the session, among many others.


At the same time, Rehametrics performs a detailed motion analysis for all physical rehabilitation exercises completed by the patient, regardless of care setting.


All of this data is collected, stored and analyzed to generate comprehensive reports for clinicians who can then use this information to modify treatment plans of virtual care. Through the use of this constant measurement and quantification of all rehabilitation sessions, Rehametrics enables an objective monitorization of patient evolution throughout the length of the rehabilitation process, independently of care setting.


Individualization of Treatment Plans

Rehametrics individualizes the rehabilitation sessions delivered to the patient because the system has been designed to personalize all treatment sessions.


All available exercises can be personalized by clinicians to adjust their difficulty and clinical goals to each patient’s capabilities and treatment objectives.


In this way, patients can receive more personalized rehabilitation time, fully individualized and monitored by their virtual care team at a much lower cost.

Reduce Paperwork

Once a rehabilitation session is completed, detailed reports are generated and made available to everyone in the clinical team.


Rehametrics minimizes report writing while providing an objective measure of patient evolution. Similarly, data collected during completed rehabilitation sessions is stored and easily accesible to clinicians for analysis when required.